Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bangkok calling for Nagesh Kukoonoor

Bangkok calling for Nagesh Kukoonoor
Director Nagesh Kukoonoor has launched his romantic comedy film Bombay to Bangkok under the banner of Mukta Searchlight. The film stars Shreyas Talpade and Thai actress Lina Christianson. Actor Shreyas Talpade who won the Star Screen Award for the Best Actor in a Comic Role for Kukoonoor’s Dor this year was “extremely honoured and happy at working with Mukta once again after Iqbal.”

Actress Lina is very excited about the role. “I play a Thai girl who is naturally sexy, but with all innocence,” Lina says.

Nagesh says, “The basic concept of the film is that it’s a romantic comedy….There’s a lot of chaos….And in the end everyone lives happily ever after.”

Producer Subhash Ghai said that he was impressed by Kukoonoor’s ability to direct a comedy after seeing his “Bollywood Calling”. 90% of the movie will be shot in Bangkok and that too on 30 different locations. So, its ‘Bangkok Calling’ for Nagesh now.

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